Facts You Can’t Ignore About Safe Step Walk In Tubs

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From available record, 2.3 million American seniors underwent emergency treatment for nonfatal injuries due to falls, and over 650 thousands got hospitalize. Similar stories are common in most homes, and only those who have experienced fall due to wet surfaces around bathroom would appreciate the advantage of safety walk in tubs have over conventional bathroom system.

Let’s take a look at safety facts walk in tubs brings to our homes and how anyone can benefit from it to live in complete safety, especially for seniors.

  1. Bathroom accident is commonplace for many adults. The figures are alarming, with over 250,000 senior Americans in the age range of 60 and above suffering slip and fall in their bath and shower areas every year. The fact that someone fell yesterday does not prevent another fall today. The same person who fell earlier may fall again within the next few months even with care and fear that surround possible fall and other health hazards that follow.


The cost of slip and fall accidents in the home around bathroom and shower area is estimated to reach about $43.8 billion by 2020. In most cases, slip and fall around bathroom and shower area often result in severe injuries, fractures and head trauma with more grievous consequences.


As a result of injuries sustained from slip and fall in bathrooms, a high number of victims never fully recovered and some may die in the cause of treatment.


But there is a solution to all these; installing a safe step walk in tubs for seniors and even anyone reduces the chances of slip and fall accidents in the home. When this happens, there are so many added benefits that follow.


As expected, walk in tubs come with safety features that enhance walking around the tubs and provide grab handles for senior to hold when leaving the bath area.


  1. Fear of fall is inhibiting most seniors’ active life. Suffering fall and the fear that following isn’t limited to adult only, even when kids fall, they want to be more careful and may restrict their healthy growth. Statistics put the result at 1 out of 3 falls to be people from 65 years of age and above. In a situation where elderly falls account for 25% of all hospital emergencies, we don’t need to blame adults when they entertain fear going close to trouble areas.


Nursing home admission has about 40% of its intakes covering elderly falls victims, and the dollar expenditure can better imagine. Reports say 46% of elderly falls resulted in Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). The slip and fall problem is not gendered sensitive, but more men are affected than women.


Statistics of slip and fall accident treatment put the cost per injury at $19,440; this does not account for post treatment cost and trauma.


With an estimated figure of $4 billion yearly expenses on ER visits from falls, the impact on lean retirement benefits and healthcare allowance is enough to send jitters to the spine of people to be afraid of possible fall and the attendant crises.


But considering the huge expenses and trauma that follow every slip and fall, it is expedient to take proactive measure in installing walk in tubs known to be having the safety catch against slip and fall and prepare your home for safety.


Walk in tub is beneficial for both seniors and non-seniors alike. From the above figures arising from slip and fall, bearing the cost no doubt is not the responsibility of seniors alone. Every senior has relatives, children, family, and associates. We can avert grave danger in the future by installing a walk in tub today.


  1. The bathroom is the most dangerous room in the home. Ironically, bathroom is one of the essential places in the home for seniors, yet the most dangerous for slip and fall cases. When we grow older, our energy level reduces making us susceptible to slip and fall accidents. At the same time, keeping a wet surface in the house heightens the chances of home accidents.


Conventional bathrooms are made for high performing energetic people, but not seniors who need more caution and clear path to walk safely from place to place in the home. Agreed, cost of installing tasteful and high-end walk in tubs can be steep, but when we consider the overall advantages of installing a safe step walk in tubs in our homes, the cost is drastically reduced and normal.


A safe step walk in tub comes with necessary safety measures to keep user safe use. Such things like shower seats, chair lifts for stairs, grab bars, wheelchair accessible doorways, and curbless showers installation can help avert slip and fall accidents in the home. These are not what you get with conventional bathrooms thus the reason for high incidences of accidents, in particular among the elderly.


To reduce danger of slip and fall in homes, considering safe step walk in tubs to replace conventional bathrooms is best advised.


  1. Health grade walk-in offers more for less. Walk-in tubs have impactful influence on your health that installing the right one will ensure quality life and good health. For users who understand hydrotherapy treatment can use a walk-in tub’s soothing flow technology to provide health focus bathing that will see you come out better and more energized.


Some safe step walk in tubs is designed to rid the water of water-borne bacteria like E-coli, staphylococcus, Legionella and Pseudomonas. What is more, the system will disinfect the water and tub to keep user safe from marauding germs that would have caused damage in conventional bathrooms.


  1. Walk in tubs will save more Americans by 2030. By 2030, more Americans baby boomers would have clocked 65 years. There is need to prepare for this important generation of our time would need to get ready with more safety bathing facility in their respective homes. As expected, the law of demand and supply will take its course, and only early adopters will have the benefits of procuring their walk in tubs at reasonable prices now as prices are expected to rise due to increase in demand.


What are you waiting for?

The fear of home accident is something no one is immune except those who prepared against it. Walk in tubs are essential to home item useful for both old and young. Get yourself a befitting safe step walk in tubs today and prevent the trauma of slip and fall tomorrow.