Are You Considering Walk-In Bathtubs Jacuzzi? Your Safety Must Come First

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Most times, anything that brings good feeling can as well bring the other side. While walk-in bathtubs Jacuzzi are great spa equipment in the home, they also could have the wrong side if you don’t know. But, unfortunately, not knowing isn’t an excuse with some equipment because they only act to design and when the condition is set, the action will be performed. You don’t want to get caught in such act that may compromise your safety using a hot walk in bathtub Jacuzzi in the comfort of your home.

For the most part, the reason you want a walk-in tub Jacuzzi is for safety. Many adults have suffered an untimely death, high medical bills, and long term injury-related health issues because of slip and fall in the bathroom areas. But as widely claimed, and so they are, walk in bathtubs are great for safety reasons, but when dealing with whirlpool hot walk-in bathtub Jacuzzi, the store is different. Yes, it prevents slip and fall and you a safe around it, but you need to be careful when inside of it.

For your safety measure, this article will give you tips how to stay safe using a walk in bathtub Jacuzzi in your home for you and the entire family. Why should you heed and follow the tips to Jacuzzi safe use?

    • Avoid sickness. Harmful microorganisms do lurk around a hot walk in bathtubs Jacuzzi because of poor sanitation and use by infected people. The hot or warm environment could be breeding ground for bacteria to spring up.
    • Kids are not safe. Allowing your children in a Jacuzzi might be an invitation to the problem, screen them out of its use.
    • People under the influence of drug and alcohol are not safe. Hot water may increase the effect of drug and alcohol. A little caution may save the day.
    • Electric accident safety. Hot walk in bathtub Jacuzzi uses electricity to function; you need to understand the National Electrical Code guideline for your safety to prevent electric shock.
    • Safety measure around your walk in bathtub Jacuzzi. There are safety guidelines around your Jacuzzi to prevent slip and fall due to wet surroundings. This is essential for the overall safe use of the tub.

Useful tips for safety with walk in bathtubs Jacuzzi

  • Infants and toddlers are no, no in Jacuzzi. The thin skin and growing body tissues in toddlers and infants make them susceptible to overheating. Their inability to properly control their bodily functions makes spa unfit for them. To prevent accident and other untoward actions, keep babies out of the hot walk in bathtub Jacuzzi.
  • Young kids need screening. What goes with babies only need a little modification with children, but they are not to be left alone to do whatever they want. Make sure they don’t stay in the bath for more than fifteen minutes at a go, and the water temperature should not exceed 98 degrees. When the temperature is at 104 degrees, they shouldn’t stay in the water for more than five minutes. Don’t allow them in the bath until they can stand in it with their head completely out of the water. Children should avoid complete body immersion; make them use jump seats for up to waist immersion.
  • Exit hot walk in bathtub Jacuzzi when feeling sick. Children are advised to drink freshwater while soaking, but in case they start feeling sick: stomach ache, sleepy, or dizzy it is best to go out of the tub immediately.
  • Avoid cloudy water. When you notice the water in the Jacuzzi looks cloudy, this may be an invitation to infection. You need to sanitize your bath to rid it of potential infection lurking around.
  • Prevent hyperthermia. Use of drug and alcohol are veritable grounds for hyperthermia. This is a condition of increase in body temperature beyond the tolerable point. It could lead to heat stroke and may damage vital organs of the body. Therefore, prohibit anyone with alcohol intake as well as people under medications from getting into the bath. If you must drink, don’t binge on it.
  • Prevent electrocution. During rainstorm and lightning, you need to stay out of the tub, and everyone else should do likewise to avoid possible electrocution because the tub has electrical wiring running in it and water is a good conductor of electricity.
  • Take a bath before entering the tub. Neglecting bathing before getting in the hot walk in bathtub Jacuzzi is creating an atmosphere for sickness. The need for bathing before entering Jacuzzi is because the skin has a cornucopia of bacteria running on it due to environmental exposure, but bathing will rid the skin off them before going into the Jacuzzi.
  • Clean your hot walk in bathtub Jacuzzi regularly. Sometimes, Jacuzzi could be a breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms. As different people come in and go, so many organisms are released into the tub, and they grow because of the heat in the surround. Your only option at ridding your tub of infectious organisms is a thorough cleaning with recommended cleaning agents.
  • Off limits for pregnant moms. I know this may sound unfair to pregnant mothers, but for her safety, there is a need for caution entering a Jacuzzi. If she must, get doctor confirmation before getting in it.
  • Be careful with chemicals. Take good care of your spa chemicals, spa cleaning supplies, keep them in cool, dry, ventilated place to prevent turning into something liner. The best way to treat chemicals is to mix them in a clean bowl of water before adding them to the tub water. That might poison your tub water and cause a medical emergency. Never mix your dry chemicals before adding them to your tub water as unevenly dissolved chemical granules may damage the spa shell

Having a walk in bathtub Jacuzzi is a great way to live a calm life, but you need to factor in your safety including people around to have a fun ride with Jacuzzi. For mo9re information on safety with Jacuzzi, keep your tab on our subsequent discussions.