Walk In Bathtubs Cheap – How Much Do They Cost

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The question on the lips of many Americans who have heard about the incredible benefits of walk in bathtubs is “how much do they cost?” The truth is adding a new bathtub can mean a considerable financial outlay particularly when installing the high-end tubs, but for all rational economic people, getting a walk in bathtub cheap to achieve our desire isn’t a bad consideration.

For the DIY enthusiasts, installing walk in tubs as a DIY project may mean getting a walk in bathtubs cheap, but for others, the cost of purchase and installation add up. We will look at various types of walk in bathtubs cheap and consider average or minimal installation costs for each one. However, whatever the cost of installing walk in bathtubs, the overall advantage you will derive far outweighs the initial costs.


Choosing the type of bathtub that meets your need

The journey to acquiring a walk in bathtub cheap starts with knowing the type of walk in bathtub that fits your need. Here, you need to consider the following issues:

  • The available space you have in your home
  • The size of bathtub you want
  • The location of your proposed bathtub
  • The accessories to include, will it have a shower?
  • Your bathtub environment, this can be a treat to define your taste


Having considered the above, you will also think of the style and design of bathtub you need. Many people visit the spa for its whirlpool. You need to decide on the luxury feel of your proposed walk in bathtub to meet the delicate taste you have. Perhaps, it has been your dream to own a Jacuzzi, or you are just fine with one that gives you complete soaking. Are you buying a walk in tub purely for health needs or taste, here is your opportunity to come to terms with what you need? Yes, you need to make a sound decision here because your final answer will determine your walk in bathtub cheap to get.

Something else to note for DIY nerds

Your walk in bathtub surrounding isn’t a place for cracks or a surface not tolerant of water. It should be a place that is free of cracks and easy to clean. You need to note that walk in bathtubs is also sanitary equipment that should be easy to clean and keep free of bacteria and other microorganisms. Not a place for molds building up. The materials to use should complement the need for the walk in bathtub environment.


Types of walk in bathtub cheap and cost

There are various types of walk in bathtubs determined by the materials used in its construction. The different and common types include the following:

  • Acrylic walk in bathtub type

This name should not surprise many people who are familiar with building construction materials. Acrylics are common materials in walk in bathtubs, and they come in varieties of shapes and styles. They are resistant to abrasion and do not get faded easily. You need your walk in bathtub to look bright white, clean and aesthetic the warm look is usually the beautiful part that makes acrylic bathtubs the darling of most users. This material type gives walk in bathtubs its cool feature of beauty and delicate feel.


On the cost side, going for an acrylic material walk in bathtub cheap provides the aural of affordability depending on the features of your intended walk in bathtub. However, the average cost of the average 60 inches acrylic bathtub can cost from $500 to $900 without installation cost. Installation cost will vary according to location. How about talking to an installer in your area to have an idea of how much it cost to install one?


  • Cultured marble walk in bathtub type

You know marbles are heavy objects, and this can be an issue when considering using it for a walk in bathtub. I do not think this as a DIY option, except if you are an expert in the area. Cultured marble walk in bathtubs are unique, and in term of beauty, they stand out. It’s sleek and beautiful look can mean a lot between acrylic and other types of materials but be reminded that they scratch with ease and are brittle meaning they can break with ease too. If your floor cannot handle the weight, culture marble bathtub isn’t for you.


In term of cost, a standard 60 inches cultured marble bathtub can cost from $1,500 to $2,200 without the cost of installation. To get the cost of installation, get a walk in bathtub installer in your locality for a quote.


  • Fiberglass walk in bathtub type

When are considering a walk in bathtub for soaking and hot tub, fiberglass isn’t a choice to make because they do not retain heat well to give you the optimum performance of hot tubs made from other materials. But, they have the advantage of lightweight cost. If you are considering a perfect walk in bathtubs cheap, this is your choice but not the disadvantage of poor heat accommodation.


You can have them in amazing colors and cost can range from $200 to $500 for a standard 60 inches fiberglass bathtub. Installation costs come differently, and you will need to check what it is for your area.


  • Enameled cast iron walk in bathtub type

The high point of enameled cast iron bathtub is durability and solid standing. The material retains heat optimally and is a real bathtub for people who enjoy good soaking. But note that it shares a common disadvantage of weight with cultured marble, and you may need to find out first if your place of intended installation can accommodate its weight before committing your money.


On the cost side, a typical enameled cast iron 60 inches bathtub will range from $500 to $2,000 without installation cost.

  • Enameled steel walk in bathtub type

Like its cast iron sister, the material is durable but less expensive. The weight is far less compared to cast iron. But because of the finishing, the material can chip easily, it can be noisy when filling water into it, and if chipped, the spot may go rusty when left unused for a while. You don’t need weight consideration because the weight can sit comfortably in any location of your home without structural reinforcement.


Enameled steel is also on the lower side compared to their cast iron counterpart. For average 60 inches size, the cost can range from $300 to $2,000 without the cost of installation.