5 Things To Understand About Walk-in Bathtubs And Showers

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So you won’t be acting without sound knowledge of walk in bathtubs and showers, this article were written to throw some light in the direction of important things to know about the subject. The most important aspect of knowing about walk-in bathtubs and shower is that people get it for one of three reasons:


1.       Safety. If you have been following news on home accidents, the slip and fall accidents are more, and they result around conventional bathrooms. The fear and trauma that follow such ugly news in different homes, especially for seniors are better imagined that witness one for real. That may be a reason for you to consider installing a walk in bathtubs or shower for a change from the fearful bathroom systems.


2.       Health. Both young and old need a good reason to invest in healthy living and considering a walk in bathtub or shower for your home isn’t something extravagant! Walk in aromatherapy or therapeutic benefits are best experienced than just hear about it. Or you want to relief pain in the joints or eliminate arthritis and muscle soreness, walk in water therapy massage does a great work getting your body in tune and improve your vibration to get rid of disturbing body aches.


3.       Luxury. Walk in bathtubs and showers can improve the value and market worth of your property. If you are used to getting spa treats, you know what it costs over the weekend, but you can live similar luxury life with the right walk in bathtubs installed in your home.


Having defined your reasons for wanting a walk in bathtub or shower, what else should you know to help you get the best deal and the right walk in tub that you will forever be thankful you knew? In this article, we will pass across salient information that will help you make the right choice.


4.       Installing walk in is a remodeling project, get prepared for a reconstruction work

When installing a walk in bathtub or shower, breaking of walls and tearing the floor for plumbing pipes, tub or shower kits are necessary. The process takes considerable manpower to accomplish. Get ready to see your home go under repair-like process from scratch to completion.


When hiring your walk in bathtub installer, it is important to do your shopping carefully to pick the right hand for a great job that will compliment your dream and give you the happy feeling of having walk in tub in your home.


Giving the process of installing the right walk in tub, making the right selection will make you like the facility even many years down the line. It will also add to the overall worth of your property in case it’s in the market due to need to relocate or get a new home to meet age needs.


5.       Consider a functional walk in tub/shower

There are times after installing a new gadget in our home; we discover it isn’t as useful as we had thought it would be. While your desire right now might be to get a walk in bathtub and shower to meet your needs, consider the future needs as well. Nothing stops you from changing the location of your bath and shower if the current bathroom area isn’t getting enough natural light if that is what will get you or people to use the facility often.


Or you need to plan your walk in bathtub and shower for such time when the house’s occupant may not enjoy the same mobility as you presently enjoy and may need to accommodate mobility aid to access your bathroom. The functionality of your walk in tub and shower is critical at the initial planning to install the best facility.


6.       Consider the cost of installing a walk-in bathtub and shower

There is no doubting the pricey nature of home remodeling, but you still need to get the idea of how much your desired walk-in tub and shower will cost before starting on the project. Getting to know the cost in upfront would allow you decide whether to proceed with the project or stop.


The information you will get when you find out the cost upfront is necessary to build the right walk in bathtubs and shower that will serve your needs.


When finding out about cost, try talking to professional installers and sellers in your area to get a good price overview for comparison and decide if your pocket can go through with the project or you need to stop. Perhaps, you may choose to change your mind about the current plan for something bigger than you earlier expected.


7.       Understanding the functions of walk in bathtubs and showers

As mentioned above, the function you need in walk-in bathtubs will determine what to install. It is important to understand the function well enough to make the right choice.


•        Hydrotherapy function is a water therapy that uses warm, fast-moving water to help relief pain and other body discomforts. So, when considering a walk in bathtub for pain relief, your choice will be one with hydrotherapy function.

•        The soaking feature is when you have a large volume of water where you can submerge your whole body for warm bathing. This is the kind of water you can add essential oil for aromatherapy treat. A soaking tub needs no air-filled and fast water jets; you just need the hot water and enough water to stay in for awhile.


8.       You can convert your old bathtub for modern walk-in tub and shower

Although this is an area not many people feel comfortable, you can decide on DIY if you have the nerves to do it. You can get more information about DIY bathtub installation and go for it. You can do some research on how to convert standard tubs to walk in bathtubs and shower. You can buy conversion kits at the local bath store and use the guide to complete the task.


The most important thing to understand when considering installing walk in bathtubs and shower is that you don’t have to rush yourself. This is a project more for the future than just immediate need, and you need to take care to make the right choice.