Benefits Of Walk-In Tub That Will Change Your Mind

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Lifestyle changes are necessary as we grow older for optimum health living. Around the house, one of such changes is moving from traditional bathing system to a walk in to accommodate our new reality. For the senior, installing a walk-in tub provides the environment to have your cool and hot bath as and when you need it without sacrificing anything.

The average American adult sees bathing beyond the cleansing process, it is an exercise that permeates both bodies, and spiritual essence of the individual as to have regular soaking is making the body and soul tuned for optimum living. Having a quiet time in the hot tub makes you come alive with invigorating vitality.

A walk in tub keeps us awake as we soak in the tub while cool waters swirl around and refresh our being in the calm atmosphere of water therapy. There are more benefits for the user of a walk in tub depending on how they understand the enormity of advantages that the tub holds. For more enlightenment on the use of walk-in tubs, we discuss the pros and cons of walk in tubs to help you make an informed decision about getting one for yourself.


Relief of seniors fears

Many seniors have suffered grievously due to slipping on wet surface getting out of the bath. The fear of this happening has sent many seniors thinking how to cope with bathing lifestyle. With a walk in tub, the fear is eliminated as you don’t have to climb or slip on the wet floor anymore. Getting into a walk in tub, as the name suggests is like walking regularly on the floor area into your bath, locked up and get the water in for live bath experience.

With walk in tub, no more news of a neighbor slipping on the way to bath or worried of an accident in the bathroom that may lead to a broken wrist or hip, it’s all gone thanks to walk-in tubs.

While there is nothing anyone can do about changes as a result of age, there is a lot you can do how you want to live your senior age. Do you want it to be pleasurable or…? It is a fact that when seniors observe regular hydrotherapy, the body is awakened and tuned to live in optimum health. Therefore, walk in tubs provides the opportunity to achieve your usual bath without fear of an accident.


Overcome limited mobility challenge

Another benefit of a walk in tub is the fact that anyone can get into the bath effortlessly. The low step entry threshold that is just a few inches off the ground makes a walk in and out the tub so easy. Whether you use a scooter, wheelchair or walker, getting in and out is as easy as doing it. While many physically challenged people may find conventional tubs inaccessible due to high point entry, walk in tubs are different.

The beautiful part is that the door swings outside making it easier to go in and come out. The seat is made to comply with ADA recommendation; the floor is non-skid while the safety grab handles provide extra support to give the user enough provision for safety and peace of mind while using the tub.


It soothes aches and pains

For those who without pains and aches, discussing how the walk in tubs is crucial for their bath may not mean much. But for people who have experienced the excruciating pains in the joints and parts of the body, the story will make so much sense.  The comfort you get from spa experience will spur you to get a walk in tub for your home so you can have a repeat of such experience anytime you want it.  With a walk in tub right in your home, especially buying the type used in the spa, you will have equipped yourself with the right tool to combat pains and aches and chase them far away from your life.


Installing a walk in tubs for the purpose of helping to eliminate pains and aches will help you overcome the drudgery of going to the spa every weekend and the accompanying exhaustion due to distance and trouble of heading out now and then.


Feel pampered

Walk in tubs bring the luxury experience of cozy spa environment into your home. As long as you take the time to install the right walk in tub that offers what you need, living in paradise in your home is just a decision away.

Good enough, walk in tubs come with different style and make that you can have it anywhere in your house. Whether prefer something indoor to replace your current bathroom facility or you want something outdoor, in the open garden and decorate the area like in the sea or resort environment, the choice is yours. It is safe, comfortable and luxurious; walk-in tubs come in different styles to give you the taste and peace you have always wanted.


Disadvantages of walk in tub

Although the pros of walk in tubs outweigh its cons, we need to discuss a few cons so you can get ready.

  • Water after you get in. To enable you to walk in, the tub must be empty. You will need to run water each time you need to use the bathtub after which you need to empty it again. Some people find this inconvenient, but it also an advantage because the process ensures no wet surface before and after use.
  • High cost. To get a walk in tub that provides high-end features like a fast drain and fill as well as optimum temperature control are pretty expensive.



Despite a few cons of walk in tubs, the advantage still outweighs the demerit. For buyers wanting to get the best of walk in, education and careful search are important. When shopping for the best walk in tubs, it is necessary to talk to people who understand what matters and go with professional advice to pick the best according to your budget.