Walk-in Bathtubs with Shower Enclosure

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What is a walk-in bathtub?


Bathtubs that are designed for the elderly and people with mobility issues are called walk-in bathtubs.  Disabled and elderly people need great care especially while moving around and doing some natural chores. Since their bodies have borne a lot of weight throughout their lives so their bodies are worn out and tired. They need comfort in everything so designers thought about it and keeping the comfort of people in mind, they designed the walk-in bathtubs. Whatever the cause was, but it was a great and beneficial invention for all of us.

Shower and Tub combo:


Walk-in bathtubs come with a shower that is mounted on the wall so that you can easily hold it and have a bath while standing. The shower enclosure also comes with a small or medium sized bathtub that can be mounted in the bathtub and serve a dual function of shower and bathtub.

You can easily set back and relax in the water that is deeper than normal bathtubs and hold the shower in your hand and use it. People who have mobility issues can really make a use of this invention.

Choosing a bathtub with shower enclosure



The one thing that is the most important concern for the customer is the safety. Customers prefer these showers due to this factor. You can use it while standing and while sitting back and relaxing as well.

Easily accessible:


The shower is mounted on the wall and is quite close to the hand so you can easily grab it while not making any effort to move. The easy approach and accessibility of these showers are useful for people with joints and spinal injuries.



The luxury associated with the walk-in bathtubs is due to its features including hydrotherapy and shower jets. Together they create a spa-like environment and customers have given very positive reviews about it.



The product usually comes in the acrylic material so it is reliable and safe from corrosion. The product also has a lifetime warranty so no doubt goes on the quality.

Space saving:


The shower and bathtub combo have a lot of features including the space saving. The combo saves a lot of space, especially in small flats and homes. Once you get it installed, your washroom would start to appear a bit bigger and better.

Dual features:


The shower enclosure comes with a tub that can fit in the walk-in bathtubs and serve as a dual function of bathtub and shower.

Product description:


They are available in the market in a variety of sizes and shapes. The major product features are listed below:

Door type: Outward swinging

Seat height: 15 inches

Step height: 6.5 inches

Tub material:  Industrial grade acrylic

Frame: Stainless Steel frame

Faucets: Included

Grabbing bars: Included

Drains to prevent overflow:  Included

Water Jet option: Available

Air Jet Option: Available


Tub is 30.5 W, 40.5 L, 45 gallons capacity

Enclosure is 30.5 W. 40.5 L

Installation of the shower enclosure:


Installation is not provided by every company especially the ones who are selling the product at a very cheap rate. Installation is tricky since it can be done by a professional with the right tools. Companies tend to send some delivery guy who installs the bathtub and shower and as soon as he leaves the water leaking and other problems start to arise.

The installation should be waterproof and easy to access. It should be placed at the right distance from the seat so that you can hold the bars and reach to it easily and safely.