Walk-in Bathtubs Medicare, Answering The Important Questions

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Walk in tubs are sometimes needed for medical reasons because they are excellent for pain and stress relief. Sometimes, people with limited mobility need a walk-in bathtub to have their bath without assistance safely. And for the reason of avoiding slip and fall, seniors and disabled veterans may need to install walk in bathtubs Medicare.

While the usefulness of walk in tubs is not in doubt, the question about finance is a common occurrence that needs answering. We will look at some issues regarding walk in bathtubs Medicare and explain them to give you headway to getting funding.

Important walk in bathtubs finance questions

Does Medicare coverage pay for walk-in bathtubs?

The answer to the above question is a no; Medicare does not cover convenience item. It regards walk in bathtubs as products of convenience and does not provide funding for its installation. Rather, it provides support for what it calls Durable Medical Equipment (DME), but it does not regard a walk-in bathtub as a DME. Part of the argument for not incorporating a walk in into its durable equipment category is that people who do not have a medical condition can also go for the item.

However, in a few cases, Medicare may consider walk-in tub expenses as fundable item after purchase for reimbursement when it is regarded as a must have to help in alleviating a medical condition. What you will need to benefit from Medicare support for your walk in bathtub is to get relevant medical support evidence of medical necessity in the form of medical diagnosis to support your need as well as your physician prescription requesting for walk-in bathtub as a solution to perceived medical problem.

If you are interested in having Medicare consider your need for a walk-in bathtub with a view for financing, you can do more research here.

Can I approach Medicaid for walk-in bathtubs financing?

Another organization like Medicare is Medicaid, but unlike Medicare, you may contact Medicaid from the start with your request for a walk in bathtub support. Part of the responsibility of the organization is the funding of projects that provides comfort to needy including the financing of walk-in and showers as may be required. The operation Medicaid differs from state to state and according to cases.

If you are interested in getting Medicaid assistance, the best place to start is from your state to know what the going policy is regarding your case. Find out if what you need is covered by the state’s policy of assistance for home modification, or durable medical equipment.

For more information about Medicaid activities, especially about the waiver list, you can visit here for information. Another good place to get more information is by your local agency on aging for information to know if you can get necessary assistance to install a walk in bathtub, go here now.

Will the US Department of Agric honor my request for a walk-in bathtub payment?

Yes, the USDA may help to pay for your walk-in bathtub if you approach them for assistance and your application meets the funding policy of the organization. There is an existing program to pay for a walk in tubs for elderly with low income and who are residents of the rural area to assist them with home modification program in aging place.

If you qualify for this grant, you may use yours to fund walk in tub for convenient living as a senior. You can find out more about USDA grant to possibly approach the organization for assistance, here.

I am a veteran, where can I apply for a walk in financing?

There are many opportunities for servicemen and women to get assistance for home improvement including Home Improvement Structural Alterations (HISA) for veterans. The program is meant for service connected or non-service connected disabilities for veterans. The target includes helping for the continuation of treatment or facilitating easier access to home conveniences like bathroom facility. The HISA program covers projects including spa, Jacuzzi or hot tub.

If you are a veteran and want to explore the possibility of financing for a walk in bathtubs, you can visit the link here.

What are the modalities for accessing state finance for a walk in tub?

From local to federal authorities, various provisions are in place to help people with a disability or people with limited mobility. In various states, there are various financial assistance programs, otherwise known as nursing home diversion programs with the objective to prevent unwarranted institutionalization of elderly in nursing homes under Medicaid funding.

The state programs will, therefore, help in home modification projects that will make it possible for elderly and disabled people to remain in their houses to receive care. The program also considers paying for senior’s home modification as well as assistive equipment that will help seniors to live optimum life.

Some of the programs available in the states are outlined below:

  • Have annual or monthly income within the program’s limits. Some programs also consider the applicant’s total financial resources (their “countable assets”).
  • The beneficiary must be an elderly or disabled person.
  • The beneficiary must be resident at their personal or rented home or living in a caregiver home. Those living in nursing homes are not eligible.

For more information about state assistance program for disabled and seniors, please visit their link.

Are there non-profits helping to pay for a walk-in tub installation?

Nonprofits are necessary angels among us, and they have been visibly present in many homes of needy from time to time. They are also visible in supporting home modification needs for people with limited mobility and the elderly. When approached, they are in the position to help with paying for a walk in tubs installation cost.

Nonprofits have series of programs that organizes support for eligible homeowners to embark on home modification. Some of the programs you may find interesting are:

  • Safe at Home
  • Rebuilding Together Introduction
  • National Rebuilding Day
  • Heroes at Home

Get more information on non-profit support for home modification here.

Your success at getting financing for your walk in bathtub Medicare depends on how much effort you put into researching the subject, but there are many organizations including government and non-profits that are offering to support your home modification project. There is one closer than you can imagine.