Cost of installation of Walk-In Bathtubs

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Walk-in bathtubs are the need of modern day times. People are getting awareness about its effectiveness and advantages slowly but regularly so its sale is increasing accordingly. Walk-in bathtubs were specifically designed for people with limited mobility or any disability stricken person. There are surveys showing that mostly fall occurs in washrooms than in any other room of the house. Most people slip over near the tub and shower and get terrible head and spinal injuries some of which are even incurable. People who are overweight, have eyesight issues, are arthritis-stricken or over age 65 are prone to those injuries more than ever before.

Cost of bathtubs:

The cost of bathtubs lies on the quality of the material used in its making plus the facilities and features such as hydrotherapy, handheld shower, and non-slippery surface along with the installation that it provides. The material varies from acrylic to marble and cast iron. Prize starts from $500 and can extend up to $12000 depending upon these features.

Well after buying a bathtub, you have to get it fixed and there arises a need of a plumber who is good and expert at such stuff. It is a professional thing and companies scam it by providing some amateur who just fixes it somehow and water tests it and leaves. As soon as he steps out of the door, problems start arising.

The installation depends on the type of the bathtub:

Types of bathtubs:

The type of bathtubs depends upon the material used:

  • Acrylic
  • Marble
  • Cast Iron
  • Steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Installation methods:


This is the standard way to install a bathtub. The bathtub is installed within three walls and only one side of the bathtub is exposed to the person. The other three are facing the walls. The setting is ideal for the live-in bathtub and shower combo. Shower is mounted on one of the walls.

To accommodate the tub in the bathroom, you might have to make changes to the wash room or even tear down a wall so that it fixes easily. The cost of installation might increase.


A build up deck is usually installed with its rim slightly above the deck. To install a platform type, you have to make sure that the tub matches the dimensions of the bathroom. It of does not match, you must have to tear down and rebuild the surroundings.

The installation is very costly.


No supporting structure is required in these cases. The tub is placed and fitted in the ground giving it an old and antique look. Mostly acrylic and porcelain tubs are fitted in this way and they do look pretty.

It is not very much costly in installation.

Under-mount installation:

A rim of stone is present in the corners and rim of the tub. It looks pretty but it is difficult to remove in case of any breakage or any other problem.

The installation is costly due to use of marble.

Corner: This type of installation takes place in the corner of the room with the tub in direct contact with two walls at a time. This is not very costly.

Cost of Installation:

The cost mostly ranges between $2383 but can extend according to the need of the customer and the type of the tub installation. All the possible types are listed above and price is not fixed but it can be as much as $4500.

Other thongs considered while installing a bathtub:

  • Comfort level
  • Electric concerns
  • Structural support
  • Water heater requirements
  • Aesthetic concerns

Installing a bathtub is a professional thing and requires a lot of time and energy. Do hire someone who is expert at it.