Walk-in Bathtubs, The Pro & Cons That Will Open Your Eyes

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When it comes to home remodeling, the steep investment can make you think again and again if it’s the right thing to do. But unless we know the substance of the project we are committing to, going forward may be a herculean task. The same feeling you get when remodeling your home is what deciding on a walk in bathtub gives you. For you to make a sound decision regarding installing a walk-in tub, we decided to do a Pros and Cons of walk in bathtub with an honest assessment and give you our frank and genuine information to help you make an informed decision.


Walk in bathtubs pros & cons



  • Freedom for people with limited mobility.

When you are wheelchair bound and have a system that can get you in and out of the bathroom without hassles, you know nothing compares to such freedom. Ability to walk to the bathroom alone without needing a second person’s help is what people with limited mobility enjoy from walk-in bathtubs.


Walk in allows to open the door and step in the tub with ease, have your bath and come out again. Tubs have an anti-skid facility that makes it safe for you to go in and walk freely without fear of slip and fall. That alone is a victory for most seniors and elderly alike who may have had an experience of slip and fall and are in fears of the same happening again or happening to them.


When in the tub, you can decide to sit or stand, but whatever you choose, the feature is available to add to your walk in tub for extra comfort.


  • A home without mishap

News about death, injury, and accidents in the bath area is often a turn off for most seniors. Many lives have been lost, and a huge sum of money is being expended in various care homes and hospitals because of slip and fall around bathrooms across states in the US and elsewhere in the world. Thanks to walk-in bathtubs that are helping to reduce incidences of accidents in the bathrooms.


Going by its design, a walk-in bathtub is meant to keep the bather in the tub while they do their bathing, and once they are done, the water is emptied from the tub so they can exit the tub. This process ensures dry floor outside the tub. And within the tub, apart from the anti-skid floor of the tub, there are grab handles that the user can hold to prevent falling.


  • Pain relief

Many elderly and seniors and indeed young people who are experiencing stressful city lives can take solace in relieving their pains by using walk in bathtubs soaking facility that help alleviate muscular, joint, back and bone pains around the body.


A user can soak in the walk-in tub for some time to ease up body tension, and reenergize the body for another refreshed day ahead. To allow soaking, walk-in bathtub is designed in a way that the occupant can be almost entirely submerged so that the water can cover the vital part of the body for a nice hot bath that gets body circulation up and doing good to the body.


  • Increase in your home value

Look at walk-in bathtubs’ installation as a home remodeling and improvement project like landscaping and installation of solar energy in your house. The overall worth of your property I the real estate market is increased according to the quality of your walk in bathtub and gives the prospective buyer of your home the incentives to see your price as a bargain.


Although some may argue otherwise, consider the fact that most seniors especially those at retiring age will at one time or the other need equipment like a walk-in bathtub for hydrotherapy and another therapeutic facility to keep life going. Therefore, if your home is located in such environment with more people within retirement ages, your home value will not only increase in value, it will become the target of most people needing such facility in their home.


  • Optimum comfort for senior and elderly

The easy way of bathing for seniors and the elderly make a walk-in bathtub the favorite of most people in the seniors’ age range. Once you have a walk-in tub installed in your home, the fear you have for the standard bathtubs will disappear, and you become more interested in having your bath from time to time.


  • Health and healing benefits

If you are not installing a walk in for the ease and comfort in taking your bath, like most people are doing, you will consider it for the health benefits. Among various health benefits of a walk in bathtubs are the following:

–    Alzheimer’s patients can accomplish bathing without trouble

–    Heart Health gets improvement with soaking in walk in bathtubs

–    Sleep Disorders improve in people suffering the ailment after enough time in walk in bathtub

–    Improved diabetic condition

–    Alleviates arthritis with soaking and hydro-massage



  • Waiting time for water temperature to rise

If you consider the empty state of the tub when getting inside, the time it takes to fill in the water up to a safe temperature might be a problem in a cold environment since the user will be naked while the bath is filled. The same process is repeated when draining the tub before going out of the tub.


  • High cost of installing ideal health grade walk in tub

We hear of the incredible performance and excellent benefits of walk-in bathtubs, but most people do not know that those super performances are very expensive to acquire. On the lower end of the ideal walk in bathtubs installation, we will be looking at around $2,500 which provides necessary facilities. But when we talk about the extra features of the walk-in tub that provide the comfort and increase the benefits, the average installation cost will be about $10,000.


Beyond the costs, there may be other expenses from installing other facilities that will make your walk in bathtub function optimally.


It is agreed that money is important in our lives, but can they be more important than life itself? When you have to decide between cost and life, I think choosing life will be more expedient as it’s only a healthy life that can build wealth.