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This walk-in bathtub is especially designed for the ease of elder people and disabled person, who are un able to take a large steps and need support of other peoples for walk and other works, due to this bathtub their life become more easier and improved. It offers many features to aids and safe bathing, but our walk-in bathtubs can also provide tremendous therapeutic values. Our bathtub is made of strong acrylic and gelcoat material. These helps your tubs avoid discoloration and provide years of reliable service. Every electrical component of the tub is tested and conforms to all applicable standard of safety. Companies rigorously test and inspect all each walk-in tub before it leaves from the factory, with an eye towards our safety, satisfaction and peace of mind!

As it helps people in different ways provide comfort, ease and relaxations with so many other features with hot massage and anti-bacterial effects. Now this is our duty to take care of it so it will be long lasting and work efficiently.

There are several ways to keep care our walk-in bathtubs these are as follows:

Care And Maintenance Of Our Walk-in Bathtubs:

It takes care and cleaning to keep our tub working efficiently. Be sure to clean the tub’s fixture and surface regularly.

When clean our tub, we should not use wire brushes, steel wool and other abrasives.

Epsom salt will not harm our tub, when used in moderation.

The electrical components of our tab require no maintenance.

Oils or oil based bath addictive are not recommended.

Regular Cleaning:

When you finished using your bathtub, be sure to rinse all surfaces with the shower wand with the water set to warm. Once a week, wash all your tub’s surfaces. Using a mild solution of acrylic-friendly cleaner. Each month purge and clean the tub’s entire surface, if body oils, bath oils, soap residue, etc. begin to build up on your tub’s surfaces, and you can remove them with automatic dishwashing soap and a cup of bleach. Using warm water, fill your tub to a level just above the highest whirlpool jet. Mix a glass of bleach and a spoonful of automatic dishwashing soap into the water. Turn your system on. Let it run for 15 minutes, and then drain the water. Now, refill the tub with warm water only.

Apply Windex or other antibacterial cleaner for glass and metal regularly so that it will perform its functions properly. After cleaning the bathtubs rinse and dry it gently and avoid cleaning with bleach and hard brushes.

When you will care it in result, it will cares you. Care and cleaning of a walk in tub is not exactly difficult. With regular maintenance and proper use. It should last you and your family a lifetime of happy, safe bathing experience. Of course, this is really great achievement of science but yet very complex, if it is giving you so many benefits then it also wants care from you. We should clean and wash it daily after taking bath. Should remove every drop of water from it.  Then it will go with use as well after its warranty limit.

Walk-in bathtubs have doors, so it is important to make sure that the tub is periodically checked for leakage. Many tub manufacturers offer warranty or solutions to the problem. Make sure that your tub will not leak, check periodically whether your tub door’s double gasket effectively seals the tub in place.

Walk-in bath tub is made up of Fiberglass tubs are generally easy to clean. But cleanliness has to be regular and the use of abrasive cleaners has to be minimized completely.

These were some safety measures about Walk-in bathtub we should be careful about.