How Many Gallons Does a Walk-in Bathtub Hold?

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Walk-in bathtubs are specially designed for the convenience of elders and disabled person to remove the hazard of fall down or slip in bathtubs easier and more comfortable as compare to other which can withstand up to 770 pounds almost.

The incredible difference replacing your conventional bathtub can have on your daily routine. Your confidence and your lifestyle will be changed. Designed to accommodate the needs of seniors and people with mobility challenges, chronic conditions, or arthritis, Premier Care Walk-In Bathtubs noticing the safety and accessibility features needed the independence and live at home longer.

The question now arise here, if this walk-in bathtub requires less space than other bathtubs and easily manage in your bathroom than how many gallons does it contains exactly at a time? Does walk-in bathtubs use more water than standard bathtubs?

The answer is YES, walk-in bathtubs use more water than standard bathtubs, and however, it uses the same amount of water as a standard shower. The standard shower is 7 minutes long and uses 7 gallons a minute. The safe step walk-in bathtubs use between 50 and 55 gallons filled to capacity with the standard size person in the tub. This weight is also similar to a standard bathtub filled to capacity with two peoples in the tub. The weight of the walk-in tub in use is far below “Canadian Building Code”.

This is the really huge success for walk-in bathtubs companies, they especially designed their bathtubs and almost 50 gallons contained by bathtubs at a time, no bath tubs performs the function like these walk-in bathtubs. Made for the convenience of the elder people and disabled persons. These walk-in bathtubs come in different sizes according to different sized bathrooms, some bathtubs also come with warm air massage, which offers the relaxing therapeutic element to bathing, other offer hygienic whirlpool systems to remove the risk of infectious bacteria.

Size vary from space saving model that hold about as much water as a regular bathtub, to much larger model that hold a lot more water. For larger models, you will need to determine if your water heater has a capacity to handle the larger volume of heated water. Also, most bathrooms are fairly small, so a larger model might now be good for space considerations.

Of course, as mentioned above, there are a lot of different options with walk in bathtubs. Warm air or water massage systems are two of the most popular additional features that you can obtain with a walk in the bathtub along with huge water capacity for more pleasure.

Many assisted living facilities now offering walk-in bathtubs for their residents. Of course, these specialized bathtubs offer a higher degree of safety in the bathroom. Additionally, walk in bathtubs are therapeutic, increasing the pleasure and relaxing effects of bathing while deducting the tension of potential falls and accidents in the process.

These walk-in bathtubs are perfect their designs with hygiene technologies, and with high capacity of water storing, safe step tubs, shower surrounds and conversion kits have been making bathtubs safer around the globe. For the sustainable and high-quality accessible bathtub extensions and additions you can believe, choose the expertly designs products from Safety Bathtubs. These bathtubs take up a similar amount of space in the bathroom as a traditional bath tub. This allows for a quicker installation and simpler alignment of the water drain.

As they contain the high capacity of water, the person takes bath inside this feels pleasure, relax, and this improve sleeping off the person this makes water hygiene. These all designed for the elders and disabled persons who depend upon the help of other people. Massaging warm air also come from the tube that in winter people can feel warm and that air performs as antibacterial effect to the environment so that our elders should be free from every danger diseases and make their life standard better.