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Walk-in bathtubs are specially designed for the people who are disable and old. It has a lot of features relate to Hydrotherapy, therapeutic benefit, anti-bacterial effects. Also, these bathtubs are having a large capacity of water. It reduces efforts of older peoples that need help of other people. Isn’t it amazing now older people also live freedom? They will no longer need the help of other people. They will take a bath in walk-in bathtubs freely and also will feel pleasure of different therapies while taking bath inside it.


It comes in different sizes with different designs and having different capacity of water, there are some small and some large walk-in bathtubs. Small walk-in bathtubs have lower capacity of water, it almost contain 45 gallons and large contains large amount of water. One cannot leave the bathtub before it is drained completely. The question arises here as this huge tank contains large amount of water, then how much time is required to be drained??


It is simply tested by the experts. They have filled standard spaced walk-in bathtub to the top and allowed to drain. Later they concluded that contained many features, this was also shocking. It does not need more time to be drained as compare to regular bath tubs, but it just need 1 minute and 47 second to be drained off after filling to the top.


This was really impressive and amazing success for our engineers who have worked hard with the doctors and made it. This was about standard walk-in bath tubs, small bathtubs can be drained off in almost 80 seconds and large drained off within 2 minutes.


As this invention is specifically made for the older people and this is its main function to reduce the more efforts. The amazing thing is this, firstly it contains a large amount of water that no bathtub contained before secondly. It takes not more than 2 minutes in draining off. More than this it also has auto soak feature it means after 3rd minute, not even a single drop of water remained.


Apart from these, there are also many other factors which affect the total time taken by bath tub to drain. By controlling those factors you can increase or decrease the time taken to drain. One of them is diameter of p trap. This affect the time taken by walk in bath cup to drain in a direct relation. To make the bath tub drain faster, one should had a bath tub having greater diameter of p trap. Increased diameter will make draining faster. But there are numerous factors contributing sideways. Having a bath tub with larger diameter results in increased cost. It will increase plumbing projects cost and this is what many homeowners can’t afford.


Quick drain technology is offered in bath tubs having high ends. This is an optional feature. The feature can be chosen to decrease the drainage time. It is a technology and is quite successful. Quick drain technology are having an electric pump installed. This electric pump forces the water to drain at a very fast rate. This kind of walk in bath tub usually drain in just 60 seconds.


There is also a major disadvantage of using the electric pump to force water. The disadvantage is that electric pump force water through the drains at a very fast rate. It ultimately may end up damaging the drains and p traps. The drainage usually consists of a number of pipes. It also include other components like rubber couplings which can be damaged by excess pressure.


Walk in bath tubs are designed to withstand natural drainage. This is the reason for why the electric pump may end up causing damage. You may have to replace the components after a short time. This can also come costly in the long run. Furthermore, the pump can also push the p traps. This will allow waste gases to penetrate into the home.