Will Insurance Pay For a Walk In Tub? The Best Answer For a Great Decision

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Sometimes we wish a good angel would just come around and take our problem away, but that may just be a wish. However, there are institutions around that take the position of angels sometimes to cover our back in a time of trouble; that is the role insurance plays in most cases. If you want to know if insurance can pay for your walk in tub installation, please keep reading.


Although there is no simple answer to the question whether insurance will pay for a walk-in tub or not, we do know that insurance is dynamic organizations that have a cornucopia of policies and products that cover nearly all areas of human needs. The best way to know if insurance will pay for a walk in tub is to do your research using available resources that care for people identified to need such equipment either for age reason of mobility issues.


In the bid to get insurance coverage to pay for a walk in tub, getting the right doctor who understands and belief in the benefits of a whirlpool water therapy to recommend it for you as an outpatient physical therapy on a daily basis will convince any insurance company to consider your application for finance on merit. The decision of the insurance company in such a case is to determine whether paying your daily physical therapy with a whirlpool need on a daily basis will make economic sense or buy one that will over time justify the expenditure.


What options do you have with insurance finance for a walk in tub?

There are varieties of options a walk-in needy might consider for a walk in tub financing, getting one that meets your need takes research and understanding the modalities and eligibility. Below are existing options you may consider to finance your walk in tub.


  • Medicare. Considering Medicare as an option for funding your walk in tub takes knowledge of how the system works. If you approach the program for direct financing, you might be turned back because it does not cover the cost of a walk-in tub, but with the right approach, the program can reimburse you for the expenses incurred for installing a walk in tub.


Medicare considers a walk-in tub as a facility for everyone, but the program only considers equipment that is exclusive to the needy. It also sees a walk in as social equipment not exclusive to Medicare beneficiaries or needy and only provides for Durable Medical Equipment (DME) for the particular needs of its beneficiaries. It is under this arrangement that you can find your financing for your walk in tub from Medicare.


You will need a doctor to prescribe a walk-in tub as necessary equipment for your continued treatment and get a diagnosis to prove you need such item in your home. Under such circumstance, Medicare will consider your case and reimburse you.


  • Medicaid. This program is implemented on a state by state arrangement and an individual merit. With Medicaid, you can get a walk in tub payment support. Although various rules are governing Medicaid support policy for walk-in tub or a walk in shower, you will be able to find a good ground to present your case suitably.


Some states provide support for payment of “environmental accessibility modifications” as well as “specialized medical equipment” finding the comprehensive policy framework to make your case is one of the findings you must make to get the financing you need. To see how you can benefit from your state Medicaid program, visit the resource on the following link for more information.


  • Getting insurance to pay. As long as your health requirement needs medical equipment to help in your treatment, an insurance policy on disability and health package will consider you need for a walk-in tub if the doctor says you will need one to help in your treatment.


Part of your doctor’s role is making a strong case for your walk in tub needs as regards your health situation. Physician’s diagnosis and a prescription for equipment to promote better circulation and treatment of series of pain in different part of the body that may require the frequent need for receiving treatment on a daily basis from health facility with similar equipment will make a strong case to own such equipment in-house.


But looking for finance for your walk-in tub it does not end with the doctor prescription alone; you have a big part to play in researching health friendly insurance that will see your health need as important. While discussing your health policy, make sure there is the inclusion of clauses that will support the purchase of such equipment that will help you in your overall health needs.


  • The US Department of Agriculture. If you live in rural area, you can get support for a walk-in tub if you approach the US Department of Agriculture. USDA runs health benefit programs for the elderly and low-income earners in rural areas to take care of their health needs. It funds projects that contribute to home safety and needy comforts.


The project that USDA finances includes remodeling bathroom to help a wheelchair-bound and mobility-challenged person to have access tosbathroom facility and live without assistance in their homes. Eligibility is elderly and indigent people who may find it difficult repaying their loan and may not be able to afford payment for such facility.


For more information on USDA programs, you may visit this link.


The need for insurance support for walk-in tubs installation and other health facility needs for disabled, veteran and elderly are covered under various programs and initiatives. Your ability to research programs appropriate for your need is the best approach to get the support your need. Insurance can be responsive to such needs, but you will need to understand how they operate because their activities are guided by business sentiments and not primarily social concern.


But because a walk in tub requirement for health purpose often come under social needs, learning about various socially oriented programs as discussed above are necessary steps you need to take to get yourself needed funding to install a walk in tub in your home.


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