Important Consideration For Buying Walk In Shower For Seniors

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The center point of benefits of a walk in shower for seniors is the offer of independence. Seniors do not need to depend on anyone to use the bathroom and wash up. The independence also eliminates the fear of slip and fall as well as provides optimum hygiene and healthy living.


A walk in shower offers easy entry and exists for seniors and users with limited mobility. It provides convenience in the use of bathroom, which isn’t the case with conventional bathrooms. But while talking about the benefits of walk-in showers for seniors, we need to look at some essential elements that make up a good walk in tubs for seniors.


With a walk in shower, the elderly ones have a safer bathroom to perform their cleanliness and maintain proper body hygiene, but with so many manufacturers of the walk-in shower for seniors, how can you choose the best without sacrificing quality? First, we let’s look at the various types of walk in showers to understand the difference.


Types of walk in shower

  • Walk in shower. This kind of shower comes with the shower cord that is left hanging in the shower environment. It comes with a grab bar and seat and may be customized to provide personal taste and need. These are familiar showerhead found in conventional bathrooms.
  • Roll-in shower. The shower comes with about 60 inches long and 30 inches deep shower facility. It is designed to allow access to wheelchair roll in which is good if you use a wheelchair.
  • Step-in shower. The third type is step-in shower with low entry door step for easy access. You may want it with a door or without a door. You can customize this shower according to your taste and need such as grab bars for more support in the shower, a seat for more comfortable bathing and any other accessories you might find interesting in your bath.


The beauty of a walk in shower is the opportunity to customize it according to your need and taste. To make your choice, you need to factor in your physical condition. Let us take the case of a senior that is wheelchair bound; the best option will be a roll-in shower that offers unlimited access. Being able to roll in your wheelchair mean, you can have your bath without help from anyone. After you are done bathing, grab your wheelchair again and roll out of the shower to do other things.


If for instance you are on the heavy side and need more space to move, your best option will be a walk in shower with a wider door or without a door. You can also add any feature you find interesting to give you more comfort when showering. The drive is towards safety and comfort, and you need to get that if you want because the walk-in shower gives what you want.


Materials for walk in shower construction

Like their tubs counterpart, walk in showers are constructed with water efficient and durable materials like Acrylic, Fiberglass, Cast Iron, Solid Surface, Vikrell, Cultured marble, Tere-stone and much more.


  • For easy maintenance, affordability and surface enhancement, using acrylic is best recommended. You can clean it with ease, polish for better shining and it’s pocket-friendly. I would say for its popularity in the industry; acrylic is available and cheaper to buy.
  • This is another good and recommended option if you love the feel and want something unique for your walk in shower.
  • Cultured marble. Unless you have the fund, going for culture marble isn’t something cheap. I consider it a high-end material you use when you need to express taste and affluence. However, they are good material if you have the fund.
  • Cast iron. Using cast iron is least recommended because of cost. It’s expensive and on the high side in term of maintenance. Cast iron needs re-glazing to restore its unique beauty with time.

The importance of selecting a material that is affordable and sustainable is to have peace of mind while using your walk in shower and for maintenance. It is important to factor in the durability and easy maintenance of your walk in shower material because of the intense use of water and hygiene consideration over time.

Ideas on features for your walk in shower

The trouble most time when seniors want to buy a walk in shower is to know what custom features to ask for in the design of a befitting walk in shower. The following are items you may ask for in your custom list:

  • Anti-scald faucet technology. Many seniors have suffered burnt because of overheated water that runs straight to the body without proper cold water mixing. The anti-scald faucet ensures your water is hot enough and best warmer bathing and not burns you.
  • Built-in foldable safety chair. Your shower doesn’t have to look clumsy with a fixed seat that may be choking up space, a folding chair makes way for neatness and keeps your shower environment neat when not in use.
  • Easy to access controls. For electronic walk in shower, the control is positioned within easy reach to give you the pleasure of being in charge without stress.
  • Extra long safety bar. Make sure your safety bar is long enough for easy grab just in case.
  • Commercial grade anti-slip flooring. Your floor is an important part of the walk in shower that delivers safety and prevents slip and fall. Make sure it’s extra thick and sturdy to protect you.
  • Magnetic shower curtain. Water on the floor is a trouble spot for slip and fall; the curtain prevents water spill for a drier outer walk in shower areas.
  • Seated or standing shower. It’s your choice according to your convenience to choose to have a seat in your shower or not to have one installed.
  • Soap caddy. You need a place to hold your soap and recessed shampoo in the shower. You will get one by asking for it.


Two things are important when considering a walk-in shower for seniors; they are Safety and Comfort. A walk in shower can be designed to offer both according to your preference.