Walk In Shower For Elderly Prices For Affordable Healthy Lifestyle

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You just feel it’s time for a lifestyle change and henceforth regular bath in walk in shower will be a part of your everyday chores; wow, what an excellent decision! Not many people have the boldness to make such a landmark life-changing decision. While I feel like congratulating you for such a brilliant decision, do you know the dollar implication for your retirement savings?


Yes, as much as I want to congratulate our elderly folks for such an excellent contribution to our lives, I also care how they would manage their senior life in the face of rising costs and general instability in prices and lower income level. If you would like to know the price of making a life-changing decision that goes with a walk in shower for elderly continue reading. This article will not only look at the cost, but it will provide relevant information to live an affordable healthy lifestyle.


Why should the elderly consider walk in shower tubs

There are three reasons I think seniors should seek to use walk-in tubs, they include:

  1. Safety purpose. Sometimes I feel jittery with the news of bathroom accidents, the huge cost that follow and the everlasting trauma. When seniors make the decision to go walk-in tubs, I rejoice!
  2. Therapeutic reasons. Once one passes the young age, crossing the 40 years old line starts series of health issues. I doff my hat for seniors in their 60+ still able to cope with challenges of aches and pains in the joint and other areas of the body and including cardiovascular and body hormonal issues. A walk in bathtub helps and comfortably too. It’s a fantastic decision to go with a walk in shower for seniors.
  3. For young adults, it sometimes sounds awkward asking your spouse to give a helping hand in the bathroom for want of freedom. But due to problems associated with conventional bathrooms, not many elderly have a choice than having a caregiver or a close family person hang around while you do your bathing. But a walk-in bathtub does not need all that as it comes with necessary step safety to keep you safe while you have your bath.

Additional things to know about walk in shower for elderly before price

In addition to deciding the purpose you need a walk in shower for elderly; you need to know how a walk in tubs operates. They come in different sizes and types with various companies producing excellent quality models. Walk-in shower for elderly can have so many features according to your preference. Here are a few features you want to look for when picking your walk in shower for elderly:

  • Fast drain features. Unlike the traditional bath, walk in tubs come with some degree of drain capabilities to empty its water within defined period. Some walk in tub drain can empty its water content about 8 times faster than conventional bathtubs and as twice as other walk-in tubs. When choosing one, it is important to check how fast it drains because until it finally drains, you cannot leave the tub.
  • Grab bar. This is a safety facility to provide a firm handle for the user to grab in the bathtub. You will find the grab bar in the area where it will be helpful for you to use its support to lift yourself up or sit down comfortably. It may not be available in all walk in, but make sure to list is as one of the features you want in your walk in tub.
  • Spa jets. This feature helps to turn your walk in tub into a mini-spa equipment to experience spa in the comfort of your home. These jets control water and air steam that run in your tub for necessary therapeutic uses. Although you can install it after you bought your walk in tub, nothing says you can’t ask for it from the start.
  • Extendable shower attachment. Not all walk-in tubs come with shower attachment. While some are purpose made for it, others are there because of extension to have the function activated. Showers provide an extra boost to enjoying walk-in tub, and it’s the reason people are asking for it.

How much does walk in tub with shower cost

Ballpark prices for a walk-in shower for elderly may vary because of features and fixtures that come with what you order, but for typical range, the price is from $10, 000 upward. What usually make the prices higher are the features and fixtures; that is why you need to ask for things you need and not the ones you don’t need.


Don’t also forget that some walk in tubs can go for as low as $500, but you don’t expect the high-end features suitable for the elderly or something as sophisticated as providing the needs of the elderly. However, if your need is properly defined and accentuated, you should be able to get a price reduction far below what was mentioned earlier.


When getting prices for your walk in tubs, it is best to get a recent quote from manufacturer/sellers for the best price information. What is more important is to know what you want and ask a direct question on costs from seller giving your preferred walk in shower for elderly particulars and features.


Note also that you may decide to remodel your existing conventional bathroom or even a walk-in tub with basic functionality. Whatever you option, getting the right features installed will do you more benefits than just thinking about the price. In the end, you will notice that the benefits derived from the unique features of a walk-in bathtub for elderly are worth every dime spent in the cause of getting what you need.


While search for prices, I found this website useful, I feel it would be helpful to you in getting familiar with costs and prices associated with walk in tubs. It provides near accurate price information on what you want and you can take the time to compare different suppliers and sellers for the best price decision ever.