Avoid These Mistakes When Buying Walk-In Bathtubs With Shower

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Sometimes the only thought of the good side of a product without knowing the other sides may lead to making the wrong decision. Nobody likes regretting their decision after buying a product, but without a due duty of care exercised in the buying process, will lead to disappointment.


When purchasing a walk in bathtub with shower, the thought of going a great product might becloud our judgment from considering vital questions before making the buying decision. So you won’t regret your action after buying a walk-in bathtub, we have listed below some mistakes to avoid when deciding on purchasing a walk in bathtub and shower for your home.

Some mistakes you need to avoid when considering walk in bathtubs and showers

  • Acting in total ignorance of the product you are buying

Nobody was born an expert about a product; we all grow up to learn what we know today about things we use. It is, therefore, important to learn everything you can about walk in bathtubs and shower before making a decision to buy any of it.


From the core functionality of walk-in tubs to the materials used in their construction as well as other items that make up a tub, it is important to educate yourself on the subjects to make an informed decision.


Therefore, before you start talking to a salesperson, which may get you more confused about the product due to sales pitches and attempt to sell you on a product, getting general information for sources meant to educate about the products is most advised.

  • Know your options and the advantages each one brings

The good thing in life is about choice. Options exist for us to make a choice from different available products with each one offering basic value with extras. Before buying a walk-in bathtub with shower, you want to know what other options are out there that can provide the same benefits and even more and consider the cost and durability.


When you consider available options before buying, chances are you may end up with a product that is entirely different from the initial one you wanted and yet be happier with your final choice.


What you need to know about walk-in bathtubs and showers is that they get better with extra features you have in them. While you may be offered basic standard features in the one you want right now, another offer may give you something more for the same price with great after sales offer.

  • Don’t underestimate maintenance cost

Sometimes we focus on upfront cost and durability that we ignore what it will cost to maintain the product on the road to longevity. Many products have been discarded because of the prohibitive cost of maintenance which wasn’t part of the bargain at the point of purchase.


A walk in bathtub and shower require water to function; it needs electricity and cleaning and maintenance from everyday use. When buying a new product, without looking into what it would cost eventually, you may soon regret your buying action when you finally realize the high cost of keeping the product functioning is beyond your expectations.

  • Right product, wrong features

If you need health grade walk in bathtubs and shower, getting a hydrotherapy product will only serve you best if it comes with the proper hydrotherapeutic jet structure. But if you don’t know this, getting a walk-in bathtub without the right jet structure will mean losing on the therapeutic need of the whirlpool tub which will mean regretting your action after purchase and the correction that may follow will take more money that you have planned.


Before buying a product, therefore, it is essential to investigate the structural integrity to make sure it’s in compliance with the purpose expected of it and that you are getting the right product and features that will serve you appropriately afterward.

  • The Right product for a wrong home

If you didn’t consider the place to install your product, it might become up a nightmare after purchase. For the most part, a walk-in bathtub and shower is a home remodeling project that needs the right environment to sit comfortably to serve you well. If you didn’t consider this until the installer is in your home to install, finding the right place to fix it might be a bit of a headache for you.


Unless you are planning for a portable bathtub that will stay anywhere, even in your living room, you need more time and deep consideration before picking a walk-in bathtub and shower for your home. It is even recommended you allow the installer visit your home for inspection to determine if the product will have the right place in your home or not.

  • Don’t play down on warranty; it is as important as buying the product

Most times, what engage our attention when shopping for a product is the cost and durability, but we often forget what happens in case the product has a defect?


In cases where we remember to ask for warranty, we don’t go deeper than the promise of warranty. To avoid this mistake in your walk-in bathtub and shower purchase, you need to ask the specifics what your warranty covers.


Some of the specific warranty coverage for a walk in bathtub and shower will include but not limited to the following:

  • Shell structure. Get warranty against loss due to damage in your bathtub shell, and you can expect up to 10 years coverage on this.
  • Shell surface. Look for warranty against surface defects like peeling, blistering, cracking, delamination with a warranty of up to 5 years.
  • Equipment damage. What if the pump, electronics, electrical, jets, etc. should malfunction or breakdown? Get a warranty to cover all and expect up to three years coverage.


While you are hoping your walk in bathtubs and shower should last long, you do know if anything happened within a few years down the line, you won’t have to bite your fingers in regret of lack of warranty to cover your investment.


There are more mistakes many people have made and are making when buying walk-in bathtubs and shower; you don’t want to make the same mistake and regret your action a few months down the line. By following the discussion in this article, you will be protecting yourself now and in the future.