Designs of Walk-In Bath Tubs

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Walk-in bath tubs are new entry into bath tub designs and are specially designed for secure bathing experience. Data shows that many old age people get injured and admitted into hospitals because of bathroom falling. Most bathroom falling (not only for old age), occurs while entering to traditional bath tubs which are very slippery. This new design of bath tubs has an open and shut door which allows secure entry into bath tub for old and people with mobility problems. These special bathing tubs, most of them, hold special therapeutic equipment for hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy helps circulate bold and cure for stiff joints.

Main structural part of these walk-in bath tubs is an open and shut door which allows a secure entry for disable and old. These doors completely seal the tub and won’t leak the water. There are safety handles and grip for easy movement. And adjustable seat (in some designs) helps adjust in your desired and comfortable sitting. The main types of walk-in bath tubs according to their function are hydrotherapy walk-in tubs (therapeutic equipment that gives hydrotherapy), wheel-chair accessible walk-in tubs (easy transfer to bathing seat from wheel chair), soaker walk-in tub (generally used common walk-in tubs available with and without therapeutic equipment), and specially designed for people with huge bodies are bariatric walk-in tub.

Most walk-in bath tubs are made of special non slipper material and differ in deigns on the basis of their purpose and functionality. Here are the main design differences in walk-in bath tubs…

Upward Opening Door

These bath tubs are mostly installed at hospitals, health centre, and therapeutic centers. Door of this walk-in bath tub opens upward and there is no need to drain water for entering to this type of bath tub. Captures huge place and also needs one person to shut and open the door. These are specially designed for special circumstance and emergencies. A patient or client can easily be removed and sett to this unit from wheel chair. Most units contain therapeutic equipment set for hydrotherapy.

Outward Opening Door

Another design difference is walk-in bath tubs with outward opening of doors. These are expensive compared to other units. Difficult to install at domestic washrooms as it needs a lot of space to keep it there. The door of all walk-in bath tubs contained an automatic lock and sealing that prevents leakage of water.


Inward Opening Door

Inward opening door bath tubs are usually installed at homes as they capture less space. One can easily sit in and close the door easily. Special grips and bars help easy and secure movement in bath tub.

Walk-in Showers

There are also articles that contain an adjustable seat, tub, and shower. One can use facility according to needs and choice at time. There are also mirrors installed in these articles which convert it into a tiny bathroom itself.

Differences in Seating

Different designs of walk-in tubs might differ because of its seating. Many have fix seating and some with adjustable seats, so that one can adjust easily according to needs.

Glass Units

Few articles available in market have a glass unit around your walk-in bathing tub which borders it from rest of bathroom and to give spa like therapeutic experience.

Special acrylic material of walk-in bath tub makes them less slippery and more secure to use specially for old age and persons with disabilities. All these units come in different sizes and shapes depending on manufacturing company and the article itself (purpose and functionality). Many have hydrotherapeutic equipment installed and few without these instruments. You can choose a walk-in bath tub according to your needs and budget.