Choosing the best Walk in tubs for disabled veterans

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Disabled Veterans are one of the most respected members of our society. They have to give their all for the nation to be in peace and safety; they deserve every bit of comfort after a meritorious service to humanity with walk-in tubs for disabled veterans.

Disabled veterans can improve their bathrooms with quality walk-in tub approved by Veteran Administration (VA) and even in the case of financial needs. Any veteran can have his/her walk-in tubs for disabled veterans VA HISA Grant financed. But how do you choose the best walk in tub?

Due to physical injury, or any form of incapacitation, a veteran might need a walk-in tub to support his comfort in the home. After sorting out the finance with VA Home Modification and qualified, picking the best walk in tub is an important decision point every veteran needs to be prepared to make. We will be looking at ways to choose the best walk in tubs for disabled veterans without any regret after.


Choosing best walk in tubs for disabled veterans

Apart from the physical disability, a veteran may also need a system to help them deal with the job-related build up emotions and stress. There are different kinds of walk in tubs to choose according to what is most needed by a veteran.

Walk in with roll-in capability

If your issue concern being unable to walk freely or you are wheelchair bound, getting a walk-in with a roll-in allowance will be ideal. With such type of walk in tub, a veteran can move on his wheelchair all through to the walk in to get into the tub without assistance from anyone and come out of the tub after wash to mount the wheelchair and done. The beauty of this type of walk in tub is independence for a veteran who need not depend on anyone to have their bath anytime they so wish.

Hydrotherapy walk in tubs

A veteran has seen it all, having gone through extreme measure during service – frequent gun sound, gory scene of human decapitation, uncertainty about now and tomorrow and many more severe cases of life can build up series of events that may affect emotions and cause psychological stress. Coupled with the case of physical disability, a veteran needs a stress and emotional detox to relief them of stress and free their minds from troubles. This is where a walk in tub with hydrotherapy capability comes in to help. When deciding on what walk in tubs for disabled veterans to choose, considering one with water therapy is best for you.

Walk in tub for soaking

In fact, if not for the need for a means to detox the body, getting rid of pains and aches in the body is a good reason for a veteran to choose a walk in tub for the purpose of soaking to take care of joints and ligament aches for more fun and fulfilling life. As people increase in age, so are different parts of the body are aging too. A walk in tub can be used as a mini spa to provide soothing bathing each time you a veteran needs it.


Considering walk in tubs for disabled veterans isn’t something to belabor because veterans are people with defined needs. Just like for the seniors and elderly, a veteran needs a way to live in comfort and have his bathing activities conditioned to provide the best moment of his life where he can do it independently of anyone around.


Research has shown that a good water therapy has a far-reaching effect on the well-being of the person undergoing it. Why do people go on getaway spa for weekends? Relieving emotional load is a good step to living a happy and long lasting life. A disabled veteran may not be able to go on tourism spa or holiday in exotic spa haven but can bring the comfort to his home through a walk in tub.

Do you qualify for a veteran home modification grant?

There is a Specially Adapted Housing grant, SAH for veterans to help them live a barrier-free environment. The purpose is to help veterans be independent and live a happier life after meritorious service to the nation.


As a veteran, you may qualify for the SAH grant which currently has a ceiling offer of $63,780. For the best part, this amount can help a veteran do a lot to make their home environment as comfortable as they want to give them the basic, new lease on life needs.

Who is eligible for the SAH grant?

Veterans both service members and non-service member are entitled to disability compensation for permanent and total disability because of:

  • Inability to use both lower extremities and have to live with the aid of braces, crutches, wheelchair or cane to achieve limited locomotion.
  • Loss of sight either wholly or partially
  • Loss of use of upper body functionality that affects their balance and confined to use of aid for limited functionality
  • Complete loss of upper extremities where the arms and other hand functions are compromised.
  • Loss of body functionality due to disease or severe injury
  • Other physical disability as may be determined by the administration

Get your walk in tubs for disabled veterans financed

If you decided to consider a walk in tub for disabled veterans but worried about how to finance it, applying to SAH may be your best option.


Other such grants a veteran may apply to for consideration is the Special Home Adaptation (SHA) grant where you may qualify for continue treatment assistant or for disability grant to provide essential lavatory facility for your home.


Under SHA-HISA plan, you may be able to specific grant that addresses your walk in tub for up to $6,800. Applying for the grants starts by completing the VA Form 26-4555 veterans’ application form for SAH or SHA. You can also apply for and complete the HISA grant application VA Form 10-0103.


For more information on the grants, you can visit www.benefits.va.gov. Choosing walk in for disabled veterans is something that brings you comfort and happy living, the embrace is today and seeks help if you need it. You may talk to us for more information on choosing the best walk in tubs for you.